Welcome Message

It is our great honor to be the first in Japan to host the 19th International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI) Asia-Pacific Conference. We welcome all of you for joining and contributing papers to this congress

The health care delivery, human habits and moeurs, and social conditions behind STI studies in each country are quite diverse, and because of theses differences it is critically important to share experiences and promote discussion amongst those countries and regions on the studies of clinical, epidemiological, and sociological aspects of STIs. Hoping that this conference provides a good opportunity to explore new strategies of controlling STIs, the theme of this meeting we proposed is 'Creating New Wind to Prevent STI'. This congress will be held in conjunction with the 29th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Sexually Transmitted Infections. The link between the two societies has so far been somewhat limited to a number of members only and it is hoped that during this joint meeting in Japan many participants will be actively engaged in scientific exchange and promote mutual friendship.

Japan is a fascinating country with gorgeous beauty of its nature, all sorts of delicacies of food, fine traditional culture, cutting-edge technology, and cool and unique items. The Okayama city, the venue of this meeting, is a local city, with good access from any place and the lowest incidence of natural disasters in Japan; since it is famous for its scenic beauty and good security, we hope that the participants will find time to enjoy the excellence of Japanese experience. We look forward to receiving you all with the best of our hospitality.

Toshio Kishimoto