Organizing Committee

Congress Chairman
Toshio Kishimoto
General manager, Okayama Prefectural Institute for Environmental Science and Public Health
Soichi Arakawa
Division of Urology, Department of Surgery Related, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine
Shinichi Oka
AIDS CLINICAL CENTER National Center for Global Health and Medicine
Secretary general
Ryoichi Hamasuna
Department of Urology,University of Occupational and Environmental Health
Takashi Deguchi
Department of Urology Gifu Univercity School of Medicine
Mariko Honda
Dr.Mariko skin & dermatology clinic
Takaoki Ishiji
Department of Dermatology, The Jikei University School of Medicine
Aikichi Iwamoto
Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development
Kazuhiro Iwasaku
Department of Obstetrics & GYnecology, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
Kei Kawana
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, The University of Tokyo
Hiroshi Kiyota
Department of Urology, The Jikei University Katsushika Medical Center
Hiroshige Mikamo
Department of Clinical Infectious Diseases, Aichi Medhical University Graduate School of Medicine
Hidemi Nakagawa
Department of Dermatology, The Jikei University School of Medicine
Makoto Ohnishi
National institute of Infectious Diseases Dept. Bacteriology I
Masuko Saito
Department of Nursing Teikyo University of Science
Takuma Shirasaka
National Hospital Organization Osaka National Hospital
Chika Shirai
Health & Welfave Bureau KOBE City Director .MD.,MPH
Satoshi Takahashi
Department of Infection Control and Laboratory Medicine, Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine